Template:Infobox Film Speer und Er (literally "Speer and He", released as Speer and Hitler: The Devil's Architect) is a three-part German docudrama starring Sebastian Koch as Albert Speer and Tobias Moretti as Adolf Hitler. It mixes historical film material with reconstructions, as well as interviews with three of Speer's children, Albert Speer (the younger), Arnold Speer and Hilde Schramm.

The appended documentary confronts several interviewees including Wolf Jobst Siedler, Joachim Fest and Speer relatives with evidence that Speer knew in detail that some Nazi concentration camps functioned as killing factories, something he consistently maintained he could have found out but never actually knew.

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The following list gives the name of each actor followed by the real historical figure played. It does not include the many people interviewed as themselves.

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