Grafeneck Castle was one of Nazi Germany's killing centers during the Euthanasia. Today it is a memorial place dedicated to the victims of the Action T4.

At least 10,500 mentally and physically disabled people, predominantly from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, were systematically killed between January and December 1940 at this place. It was the first place in Nazi Germany where people were killed in huge numbers in a gas chamber. This was actually the beginning of the euthanasia project.

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Grafeneck is a castle-like property in Grafeneck, a part of the city of Gomadingen in Baden-Württemberg.

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In 1929 the charitable nonprofit organisation Samariterstiftung established an asylum for disabled people. At the beginning of the war in 1939 the building was confiscated. The killings through gas were performed between January and December 1940. Afterwards it was used to situate children and mothers with babies,who had fled from the bombing of the cities. Since 1990 Grafeneck is a memorial place, in 1965 the so called Garage, where the killings happened,was demolished.

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