Die Zukunft (The Future”), was a German social-democratic weekly (1892–1923) founded and edited by Maximilian Harden. It published allegations of homosexuality of Philip, Prince of Eulenburg, leading to the Harden-Eulenburg Affair in Wilhelmine Germany. (readnought: Britain, Germany, and the coming of the Great War_ (Random House, 1991) by Robert K. Massie, ISBN 0-394-52833-6; also Ballantine Books, 1992, ISBN 0-345-37556-4, pp.663-679).

Die Zukunft was also the name of an exile German language paper, both anti-Nazi and anti-Stalinist in its politics, which was founded in 1938, and was based in Paris and edited by Arthur Koestler and Willi Münzenberg. It ceased publication with the Nazi occupation of France in 1940.Template:Newspaper-stub

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